collisionCollision Case Review

The collision happened fast. Handling of your case shouldn’t. San Tan Recon professionals have experience with at-scene investigations, reviewing investigative reports, teaching and training collision investigations.

We will review written reports, witness statements, and photographs to create an honest third-party account of the incident. Your prepared report will highlight strengths and gaps, providing you with valuable insight and the foundation to understanding the collision dynamics.

reconstructCollision Reconstruction

It was never meant to happen. No one wanted it to happen. Property lost and damaged. Lives forever altered. Devastated by the events of the collision, those directly involved and the loved ones who care for them suffer the after effects. San Tan Recon has been there.

San Tan Recon professionals have been at the scene to investigate the collisions. We made those notifications that loved ones will not be coming home. And we’ve held up those stricken weak by the tragedy of the events and fielded their phone calls seeking understanding. We listen.

We know no one leaves a collision untouched. Everyone is affected. At San Tan Recon we know it is more than numbers, diagrams, and pictures. Its lives altered. That is why we take your collision to heart. We’ve completed the follow-up work to interview witnesses and those involved. We heard them. We’ve done the math, downloaded data, and evaluated roadway evidence. We go the extra mile because you would. We complete a thorough, accurate, and honest reconstruction. Reach out to San Tan Recon. We are listening.

commercialCommercial Vehicle Annual Inspections

No matter the size of your fleet, if you’re in commerce your vehicle may need an annual inspection. Not having an inspection opens your company up to violations, fines, and a decreased safety rating affecting your company’s ability to obtain affordable insurance, new clients, and your bottom line.

San Tan Recon can provide these annual inspections to keep you legally operating on the road. You’ll have piece of mind knowing an experienced and competent inspector will thoroughly appraise your vehicle condition for safe operation and compliance ensuring it is roadworthy.

fleetCommercial Fleet Consulting

San Tan Recon are professional inspectors with experience in local and long haul operations, heavy equipment, and hazardous materials. Our inspectors have taught driver meetings for safe operations and regulation compliance. You work hard to meet your clients’ goals. We work hard to help you meet those goals. Contact San Tan Recon and learn what a professional can do for you.


San Tan Recon professionals are knowledgeable experts with the experience and skills to help you succeed. Recognized as subject matter experts in the courtroom and in the field, our experts have taught formal classroom settings and more casual training at quarterly meetings. Our experts have the knowledge base to educate you and your employees.

Whether you need training with collision investigations or commercial vehicle operations, we have you covered and will empower you to achieve greatness.