It’s Really About The People

It’s all the large and small details after the collision. It’s the details to keep a commercial trucking company running. No matter how it’s cut, there are people involved, and San Tan Recon provides superior service to help people.

With nineteen years in law enforcement, the professionals at San Tan Recon have the skills and experience to take care of the details. Our professionals have been certified as experts in court, serve as Traffic Subject Matter Experts for Arizona Peace Officers Standard and Training Board (AZPOST), taught collision scene photography, and hosted Advanced Collision Schools training officers how to better investigate collisions.

We’ve lumped child safety car seats out of semi-trucks in order to provide free safety seats to families in need. We’ve seen kids safely leave a car collision because of those seats. We’ve helped install them to ensure more kids walk away.

San Tan Recon experts have worked with commercial trucking companies large and small. We’ve performed roadside inspections, spoke at driver safety meetings, and when others wouldn’t, we’ve assisted those companies with getting their vehicles in compliance. As Weigh Masters, we’ve helped companies properly register their fleets and helped others with documentation to relocate to another home. We’ve helped keep them on the road.

So Why Work With San Tan Recon?

Our training is on par with other traffic consulting groups, but why are we different? In a nutshell — our experience makes us different.

We’ve investigated the large and small collision scenes. We’ve done the follow-up to get answers. We know it’s more than numbers, who did what, or what actions we took to get the answers. It was about providing answers to those affected by the collision. We’ve taken those calls from grieving families, and held others in comfort at the scene. And we’ve heard the stories of the loved ones. We’ve heard the stories of small companies trying to get a foothold and work through the numerous commercial regulations. We’ve heard the larger companies trying to keep their business running to provide for their employees.

Our experience has taught us that it’s about people, after all that’s why San Tan Recon was created in the first place. We provide the superior service you expect and above all we care about how you are affected. We use our expertise, training, and experience to get you the honest, accurate answer. We go the extra mile with you.

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